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We’re on a quest

Empowering women and improving the lives of the rural poor while combating climate change.

We are an award-winning global carbon project developer with a mission to transform the lives of families in vulnerable communities around the world.

Since 2008 we have been developing and implementing carbon reduction and clean energy projects at scale, generating high-quality carbon credits with significant co-benefits for the poorest people across the world.

We are committed to catalyzing a sustained transition to a climate resilient future for communities whose health and economic well-being are most at risk from climate change. Our ambition is to use carbon finance to achieve a long-term transition to more sustainable alternatives at scale.

We aim to have a lasting impact on the planet, people, and their prosperity, which is why our projects are delivered under the banner of Transformation Carbon – projects that are truly transforming lives, behaviours, and technologies.

Transformation Carbon

Global Scale, Local Impact

C-Quest Capital is headquartered in Washington DC, USA, with local offices in India, Malawi, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and Australia. It employs a global staff of 225+ and 1000+ field staff deployed locally.

Our global teams lead operations in over 20 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, Central America, and South and Southeast Asia. In each region where we operate, we aim to reach a critical scale to drive permanent change, integrating production, supply chain, and inputs to create robust ecosystems in the communities and markets we serve.

Our Team

Best In Class Capabilities

We develop and implement our projects directly through our subsidiaries or our hand-picked implementation providing scalable impact that combines our expertise with local networks. With a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ approach, extensive expertise, and long-standing relationships, we have unparalleled last-mile logistics and distribution capabilities in all regions we operate in. Local manufacturing plants and biomass production operations further support our carbon reduction activities, vertically integrating our supply chain and diversifying our capabilities.

We have been awarded ‘Best Project Developer: Energy Efficiency’ and runner-up for ‘Best Project Developer: Public health’ in Environmental Finance’s Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) Rankings 2022.

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