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Our Approach

Delivering high integrity and high-impact projects at scale.

We go above and beyond the industry standard to create long-lasting change and adoption

We work closely with the communities we serve and build long-term relationships to enable a strong feedback loop to understand their challenges and what is needed to increase adaption and create long-term change. This allows constant improvement in our project design and implementation, creating high integrity and high-quality projects that maximize impact and genuinely benefit those who need it most.

Project Integrity

At every step of project implementation, we are focused on transparency. Each project is registered onto a cloud-based data management system using Android phones or tablets.

Registration involves data collection (QR card, contact information, GIS location) for frequent monitoring and follow-up. Our in-country teams monitor our projects closely through spot audits and follow-up programs. This feedback informs our continuous evaluation and improvements on project design. All projects are also independently verified by accredited auditing firms under each standard.

Local connection through subsidiaries and Implementation Partners

We develop and implement our projects directly with our own subsidiaries or through our diverse array of field-based partners for maximum impact. With a ‘boots-on-the-ground approach leveraging extensive expertise, and long-standing relationships, we can provide unparalleled last-mile logistics and distribution capabilities in all regions we operate in.

Our extensive network of trusted implementation partners has been developed over more than a decade. It comprises primarily non-governmental organizations, non-profit, and private sector enterprises serving small-holder farmers with extensive experience in addressing human health, gender, and environmental issues.

If you are interested in becoming an Implementation Partner, contact us.

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Vertical Integration

Our carbon project ambition requires significant manufacturing capabilities, which are provided through a partnership with Ener-G-Africa (EGA). Founded in 2017 in Lilongwe, Malawi, EGA is a developer and manufacturer of sustainable, high-quality energy products. We work closely with EGA to develop and test products, build localized last-mile infrastructure and gain an acute understanding of market needs.

EGA manufacturing facilities are based in Lilongwe, Malawi, and Cape town, South Africa.

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