CDM Registration of Guatemala and Mexico stoves PoAs

C-Quest Capital (CQC) in partnership with HELPS International Inc. (HELPS) proudly announces the registration of two cook stoves Programme of Activities (PoA 8480 and PoA 8521) in Mexico and Guatemala under CDM, for the distribution of fuel-efficient, improved cook stoves to households that currently use conventional open fire.  The stove currently being distributed in both countries by HELPS is the ONIL stove. This is a high efficiency rocket stove design with a multi-pot or metal griddle cooking surface and a chimney. Independent laboratory tests show that the ONIL stove on average reduces firewood consumption by 58 percent as compared to that of open fires stoves. New technologies are welcome under both POAs.

 The PoAs for Mexico and Guatemala are part of CQC’s global efficient stoves platform covering six countries in Sub-Saharan Africa plus Haiti and we are very pleased with the results so far!