CQC Released a Tradable Health Commodity Concept

“CQC released its tradable health commodity concept note for review and feedback. The concept was aired by Ken Newcombe more than a year ago and generated significant interest. CQC cannot take this to market by itself. Jason Steele and Ken have been working with the World Bank and other interested stakeholders to design and test part of the process and protocols necessary to established avoided DALYs (Disability Adjusted Life Years) in specific countries and regions where cooking is still done on an open fire and where there are cost-effective practicable clean efficient cook-stoves available. It is obvious that the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves needs to be a major sponsor of this effort to create a market for DALYs on a pay-on-delivery mod for agreed prices in order to stimulate clean Cookstoves investment in the face of a collapse in the carbon market.” Read the Health Commodity Concept here.