Ken Newcombe, CEO, Key Speaker alongside Christiana Figueres at "Learning from the Legends"

Ken Newcombe, CEO, will be speaking at the tenth anniversary celebration of Carbon Expo in Barcelona May 29th. The Meeting notification is as follows. Ken will be a key speaker alongside Christiana Figueres in the 10th Anniversary Celebration Round Table entitled "Learning from the Legends”, taking place on the 29th of May 2013, from 17:45 to 18:30 during CARBON EXPO 2013, the 10th celebratory edition of the leading annual Global Trade Fair & Conference on climate and carbon finance, emissions trading, industry and technology, in Barcelona, Spain.  Session brief is as follows:  

As the global community intensifies negotiations on a post 2020 climate agreement, the task seems daunting. Economic crisis and recovery vs. climate crisis and green growth opportunities.  Diplomats must rise above their political differences to chart a path forward and blend most economically efficient mitigation options with solutions that are politically viable and sustainable. In another decade and another century, a group of climate diplomats created international environmental history by producing the Kyoto Protocol, with its Clean Development Mechanism, Joint Implementation program and international emissions trading.  These mechanisms launched a global business in climate mitigation that unleashed more action on climate mitigation than ever before.  But it was only a start – and much more work is needed.  This session will bring back climate diplomats who delivered the Kyoto Protocol to offer insights for future negotiations.