Pioneering Laos Stoves and Health Product Fieldwork Begins

Through an initiative by CQC to create a marketable product of a year of healthy living for women and children, the World Bank hired CQC to design a program of fieldwork and analysis to establish the consumer acceptability and cost-effectiveness of generated Averted Disability Adjusted Life Years (ADALYs) from superclean Cookstoves in the households of the rural poor in Savannakhet, Laos. Accurate measurement of PM 2.5 emissions in the baseline and followed by measurement of PM 2.5 emissions reductions using gasifier stoves from Africa Clean Energy (ACE), Lesotho began in December. Results of the field work in terms of PM 2.5 reductions and the cost effectiveness of ADALYs produced will be known in March 2015. The principle researchers are UC Berkeley and Berkeley Air, supported by the Laos Institute for Renewable Energy (LIRE). CQC will support the design of a follow up large scale stoves project in the even the pilot is successful, structuring the first transactions in forward sale of ADALYs to support clean cookstove projects.