Irish Grant to Pilot Small-Holder Firewood Production for Lilongwe Market

CQC’s joint venture in Malawi to produce sustainably harvested firewood, Total Land Care (TLC) and its partner Total Landcare Green (TLCG), have received a grant from the Irish Government to pilot small-holder production and supply of firewood from TLC-serviced villages within 50Km of Lilongwe. The grant includes a comprehensive firewood and charcoal assessment study and an evaluation of villages suited to begin contract firewood supply from managed on-farm forestry. The grant includes the purchase of “buffalo” bikes made in Ethiopia especially for heavy loads. Producers will bring their firewood cut and bundles to TLCG’s retail firewood depots in Lilongwe. The pilot program is expected to produce 5% of Lilongwe’s firewood needs in six years on a sustainable basis.