Successful Pilot for Sustainable Firewood Project in Malawi

Through its pioneering partnership with Total LandCare of Malawi, and their joint venture Total LandCare Green, CQC is thrilled to note early proof of concept of the shared vision with TLC on sustainable affordable production of firewood by villagers within 50km of the capital of Lilongwe. Sustained delivery of bundled firewood is being supplied at the level of several tons per week to pick up points outside the city and delivered to TLCG depots for distribution in town. The pilot was funded by Irish Aid and has demonstrated that by providing a secure market price and infrastructure that reduced the burden and cost of market access, well-managed village forestry under TLC's guidance can supply Lilongwe and reduce the damage of unsustainable harvest of watersheds and protected forests in the Lilongwe firewood forage zone. The model should be replicable in other African Cities where firewood is still supplied and traded.