CQC and Gold Standard Partnered in Innovative Health Credits

CQC is proud to join The Gold Standard in developing the first ever Methodology for verifying improved health outcomes of cleaner cooking: cleaner air through both better cookstoves and improved kitchen ventilation. Innovative Gold Standard Methodology Announced

The metric for improved health outcomes is Averted Disability Adjusted Life Years (ADALYs).  This Methodology’s development was instigated by CQC as part of its pioneering work in creating a forward market for improved health outcomes from clean cooking, working with the World Bank and the leading researchers and service providers in the field of household air pollution, including Professor Kirk Smith, University of California and Berkeley, and the staff and managers of Berkeley Air Monitoring Group, Berkeley, California. The ADALY Methodology should be published at the end of 2016 and be linked to registry functions to allow transparent settlement of contracts for forward sale of ADALYs, with payment on delivery into designated buyer’s registry accounts. Independent high integrity third party verification is a cornerstone of results based financing and market creation for monetizable development impacts and benefits streams.  The next step for C-Quest is to develop and manage the first-of-its-kind health and climate project based on cleaner burning biomass cookstoves, replacing open fires or smoky traditional firewood stoves. Such projects have been designed for Malawi and Laos.