BIX Capital, an initiative of Shell Foundation and Cardano Development, announces First Close and funding partnership with CQC

CQC is thrilled to enter into a partnership with BiX to expand our cookstoves projects in rural Africa with our remarkable on-ground partners in Malawi, Zambia and Nigeria, TLC, COMACO and SOSAI respectively. BiX funds will also us to supply new upgraded stoves and enhanced operational procedures to enable consumers to have the benefit of cleaner cooking and cleaner households air for up to ten years based on enhanced durability of key metal parts of women and artisan-built mud brick and metal stoves.

During August, CQC completed its 50,000 stoves project with COMACO in Zambia, achieved the 64,000 stoves built target in Malawi, and reach the 10,000 rural stoves milestone in Northern Nigeria. An additional 40,000 stoves will be built across these geographies over the next year using new stove parts designed for longer life. At the same time, BiX funding enables CQC to lay the foundation in surveys and analysis for new market methodologies and verification and forward sale of stoves co-benefits to carbon emissions reductions, including improved health outcomes from cleaner air, gender benefits for reduced drudgery in firewood gathering, and black carbon reductions.