Ongoing Success in Rural Stoves Carbon

In the first two weeks of January, CQC's African cookstoves projects achieved issuance of a further 186,000 carbon credits from a stove fleet of 114,000 in rural Malawi and Zambia.  These events mark an important milestone in CQC's partnership with the leading suitable rural livelihoods NGOs in the South-East Africa region, Total LandCare of Malawi, and COMACO of Zambia.

The success of these projects has enabled CQC and its NGO partners to plan a further round of stove investments building on the many lessons learned from consumer feedback and track record of stove wear and tear under constant use. This feedback has led to complete redesign of the metal components of the original TLC-CQC stove, making it possible to envisage a ten-year life for a rural stove built with high grade heavy stainless steel parts coupled with much greater emphasis and support for ongoing maintenance of bricks and mortar stove infrastructure by the women who build and operate them. Already CQC has invested in more than 50,000 "next generation" stoves that are in various stages of installation across Malawi, Nigeria and Zambia. New long-life materials are being closely monitored in the field and subjected to stress testing in a US laboratory.