Stove Auction Success

CQC’s management of the Stove Auction on contract to SNV in Cambodia is a great success. The last Auction held today punched through the 5000 stoves mark with good completion from distributors on price. Since the auction started the prices bid for the high end forced draft “gasifier” stoves has moved up 51% to be in the range of Euros 40-50 each. The objective is to move bid prices on the platform to the wholesale price for stoves sold under fully commercial conditions. Recent movement in price at the auction is encouraging that prices may get close to these levels before the auction ends. In the meantime, CQC is introducing a fuel and stove bundle that enables the full retail price of these sophisticated stove to be amortized overa 12 month period as part of a fuel delivery price that reduced the cost of cooking significantly compares to charcoal. We will post the launch of this product in April when a large scale market pilot begins.