We draw on our long experience in carbon finance and carbon asset management before and during C-Quest’s own investments to provide the following carbon asset management services. It has developed and registered 10 CDM Programs of Activities (PoAs) across efficient cookstoves, efficient lighting and renewable energy investments and has ten standard CDM projects still operational.

We offer any or all of the following services:

  • Development and Preparation of Project Design Documents (PDDs) CQC has prepared the PDDs in-house for all its large scale PoAs and its other CDM projects.
  • Project Design Document Revisions CQC has frequently upgraded its PDDs for regular CDM projects and PoAs with Post Registration Changes that modify protocols for monitoring and verification to ensure easier, more cost-effective carbon asset management.
  • PoA Management CQC provides PoA management service and acts as the Coordinating and Managing Entity (CME) for 9 of the PoAs it has developed. CERS issued by CQC’s PoAs comprise more than the sum of all CERs issued by all other PoAs in the CDM to date.
  • Periodic Monitoring and Verification CQC prepares the monitoring reports for its projects in-house and provides high-quality technical reports on all aspects of project performance required to secure annual or periodic verification and issuance.
  • Registry Services and Contract Settlement CQC manages and settles contracts for its buyers and investors who need settlement in carbon credits, cash, or both, managing registry accounts and distribution credits and funds for a variety of clients.

We have capacity to develop carbon projects in each of the main carbon standards - the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the Gold Standard (GS) and the Verified Carbon Standard from inception to settlement and distribution of assets.