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Winner: Steward Leadership 25

C-Quest Capital's Clean Cooking Project in Cambodia listed as one of the best initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region
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  • C-Quest Capital (CQC) has been included in the Steward Leadership 25 (SL25) list for its innovative cookstoves project in Cambodia as one of the best initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region. 
  • The project has improved health and economic outcomes for rural communities by distributing over 100,000 improved cookstoves, created local employment, and avoided over 315,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions, contributing to forest conservation and reduced environmental degradation. 
  • CQC is expanding its impact by introducing new activities like agroforestry to further empower women and children in rural Cambodia. 

Carbon project developer, C-Quest Capital (CQC) has been included in the Steward Leadership 25 (SL25) list as one of the best initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region for its transformative cookstoves project in Cambodia. This project, which aligns with eight UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demonstrates CQC’s commitment to creating sustainable economic, environmental, and societal impacts in the world’s least developed countries. 

By distributing improved clean cookstoves (ICS) at no cost, CQC has significantly improved the lives of women and children across the country. The project, with over 100,000 ICS already delivered to more than 50,000 households, aims to distribute 200,000 ICS, marking a major milestone in sustainable development and social impact. 

Daelus Lu, Business Development and Government Affairs Direct at C-Quest Capital, stated that:

“We at C-Quest Capital are honoured to be nominated into the Steward Leadership 25 list, a prestigious annual award listing 25 projects representing stewardship excellence in the Asia-Pacific Region. This award is a strong recognition of CQC’s mission to do good for the world and energizes us towards fulfilling our corporate aim of improving a 100 million lives by 2030.  We are excited to strive even harder going forward to continue upholding the high standards of the SL25.” 

CQC’s initiative has drastically reduced the time women and children spend collecting wood, allowing them to pursue economic opportunities. The reduction in indoor pollutants from burning biomass and the safer cooking method has improved the health and safety of families. Additionally, the project has created local employment and supporting community initiatives through the For Women Foundation, help women and their families to take full advantage of these opportunities and provide a crucial support towards greater prosperity and resilience. 

The project has significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, with over 315,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions avoided since 2018. It also helps conserve forest stock and protect natural ecosystems and wildlife habitats by reducing the use of non-renewable biomass from forests. 

CQC is committed to further empowering women and children in Cambodia by introducing new products and activities, like agroforestry, to help monetize their time savings and increase their annual income. This forward-thinking approach is part of CQC’s ongoing efforts to drive sustainable development beyond the scope of the current project.