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Cleaner Cooking in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe is in urgent need of a clean efficient cookstove program for both rural and urban consumers. Over the course of the last year, power supply to urban areas has been curtailed to 5 hours supply from 10pm to 3am and LPG supply has dried up for all except the rich. Firewood, (once the fuel of the rural poor) is now commonly used as a cooking fuel in urban areas, even by the middle class. In 2019, CQC laid the foundation for a large rural stoves program in Zimbabwe obtaining Government approval and submitting a proposal to the KliK Foundation for support for a 200,000-stove program. A pilot has been built in Kambarami Village in Murewha near Harare and an independent assessment of consumer acceptance showed huge support for the technology. Plans have been made to develop a large scale expansion under one or other of CQC’s programs by Q4 2020.

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Stories of Impact: Behind Tsotso Stove, there’s a story to tell

Local Poet Sylvia Muzarrabani composed a poem titled "Behind Tsotso Stove, there's a story to tell". The poem encapsulates her feelings of how CQC's TLC Rocket Stove has transformed the lives of the people in her village.

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Stories of Impact: CQC Mbaula Trophy Championship

Thousands of people, many travelling hundreds of kilometres and many hours away have made the trek to witness the finals of the CQC Mbaula Trophy Championship, C-Quest Capital’s inaugural soccer and netball tournament held in Lilongwe, Malawi.

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LED’s Lighting a New Path for Future Sustainability: Part Three

In this final part of our blog series, we will hear from three regions, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, and Bihar

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LED’s Lighting a New Path for Future Sustainability: Part Two

Part two explores C-Quest Capital’s (CQC) efficient lighting program where over 14.5 million LED blubs have already been supplied to over 3 million households. By the end of the program, it will be estimated that up to 50 million LEDs will eventually be installed to many of India’s most rural and disadvantaged  communities.

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C-Quest Capital Awarded with Best Project Developer: Energy Efficiency

C-Quest Capital has won the ‘Best Project Developer: Energy Efficiency’ and runner-up for ‘Best Project Developer: Public health’ in Environmental Finance’s Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) Rankings 2022.

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LED’s Lighting a New Path for Future Sustainability: Part One

With lighting accounting for 15% of global energy usage and nearly 5% of global CO2 emissions, efficient lighting technologies such as Light Emitting Diode (LED globes) have now been moved into the limelight as an essential technology to move the world closer to net-zero – one globe at a time.

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