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Rural Stoves Installation in Kenya, Tanzania & Angola Begins

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This month CQC started rural stoves installation in Kenya, Tanzania and Angola, all expansion countries from it’s anchor sub-Saharan Africa countries of Malawi and Zambia. These are the first of 7 additional SSA countries where preparation has been made for CQCs investments in support of cleaner healthier cooking for the rural poor.

All investments going forward will apply our new standard of intervention for more effective and durable transformation from environmentally destructive and unhealthy three stove fires to efficient stove fueled by underutilized renewable biomass fuels readily available in rural landscapes. Going forward CQC provides two stoves per household and funds twice annual visits to each and every stove recorded and viewable on line on our proprietary cloud based data management system. We regard constant contact with women cooks and households as key to sustaining benefits of improved Cookstoves.

CQC place heavy emphasis in training and visitation on improved cooking space ventilation to complement the benefits of more complete combustion in reducing personal exposure to PM 2.5 and other toxic products of incomplete combustion.

Women can rebuild their stoves with instructions and brick molds provided to each household. With long lived high grade metal parts supplies, stoves should remain fully functional for a decade without parts replacement whereas the brick structures are defacto of indefinite life.

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In Memorial: Ruth Mbete

Ruth Mbete joined C-Quest Capital as a stove installer back in December 2021. Due to her zeal, commitment, and appreciation for how the rural stove program would change the lives of her community, Ruth was elevated to location coordinator, where she led a team of fifteen installers.

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Winner: Steward Leadership 25

Carbon project developer, C-Quest Capital (CQC) has been included in the Steward Leadership 25 (SL25) list as one of the best initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region for its transformative cookstoves project in Cambodia.

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Open Letter: Experts challenge misguided criticism of clean cookstoves funding

Cookstove experts are calling out recent research on ‘Cookstoves Offset Methodologies’ as misguided and threatening to critical funding for clean alternatives to solid fuel stoves

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Staff Highlight Series: Simon Borcherdt

At C-Quest Capital, the heart and soul of our success lies in the dedication and passion of our exceptional team members. We are excited to kick off a series of blog posts highlighting the exceptional talent we have in this company to put a spotlight on the remarkable individuals who make our organization thrive.

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Press Release: Shell and C-Quest Capital agree funding for an Efficient Lighting Project in India

Carbon project developer, C-Quest Capital (CQC) and Shell International Eastern Trading Company (Shell) have agreed the financing for one of the largest household efficiency projects globally. The project, dubbed ‘Project Shine I’, will replace inefficient incandescent light bulbs (ICLs) with energy efficient LED globes across disadvantaged rural, and peri-urban regions of India.

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Stories of Impact: Behind Tsotso Stove, there’s a story to tell

Local Poet Sylvia Muzarrabani composed a poem titled "Behind Tsotso Stove, there's a story to tell". The poem encapsulates her feelings of how CQC's TLC Rocket Stove has transformed the lives of the people in her village.

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