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Innovation Projects

Leading the industry through investment and field testing new technologies and methodologies.

Nature-based Projects

We are passionate about utilizing Nature-Based solutions to mitigate climate change and focusing on using soil as a critical carbon sink.

CQC has already established bamboo seedling projects and plans to introduce other complementary nature-based solutions in the coming years as the voluntary market matures. These include bamboo and agroforestry, smallholder agroforestry, and soil carbon projects.

We use Agroforestry and Regenerative Agriculture to sequester atmospheric carbon in the form of soil organic carbon across smallholder and broadacre farms.

Using regenerative agricultural land management practices, we can help farmers sequester carbon into the soil while increasing the productivity of the land.

This is a win-win situation for the farmers who develop more productive drought-resilient agriculture land and generate returns via carbon credits for removing carbon from the atmosphere.

We are partnering with experts in regenerative agriculture practices and exploring opportunities to assist farmers in Malawi in conducting soil carbon projects.