Mrs. Timalize Nkhoma

Mtambula Village, Zambia

Mrs. Timalize Nkhoma, born in 1931, is one of many who has benefitted from the improved cooking stoves project in Zambia via the C-Quest and COMACO partnership. Mrs. Nkhoma says that her stove, constructed in 2014, has given her back her life. She says she is able to collect firewood for fuel nearby her house rather than having to travel long distances to collected large logs for fuel. Cooking is easy and  fast on her improved stove as compared to the open fire she was using before. In addition, there is less smoke when cooking and the stove is easy to maintain.

Mrs. Nkhoma encourages other women in the country to implement the use of an improved cookstove and greatly appreciates that C-Quest Capital CEO Ken Newcombe and the opportunity came to her home. She hopes "the project will expand even to the less privileged households in Zambia so that their lives can be restored" just as hers has been.

Mr. & Mrs. Maluwa


The vast majority of the rural population in Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania cooks on highly inefficient, traditional three-stone fires, which are often located inside poorly ventilated kitchens. This not only causes severe household air pollution and chronic health problems; it limits economic productivity and leads to some of the highest deforestation rates in the world.

Mr. & Mrs. Maluwa have dramatically benefitted  from their improved cookstove.

Amita Reddy


Amita and her husband have two young children. Their household income is Rs. 6000 a month, approximately $90 USD. Because her children are still young, she does not work outside the home. Her husband’s wages as a truck driver are the family's sole income. Their house contains three lights and one fan; their electricity bill runs about Rs. 200 a month ($3.50 USD). Since she took her old incandescent bulbs to the CQC/BLY kiosk and exchanged them for CFLs, her bills have come down to Rs. 40, saving enough money to buy a weeks’ worth of fuel and groceries for the family. She says the CFLs produce much better light and, unlike incandescents, rarely fail.


Lonesi Dikirani


In 2012, CQC and its partner Total LandCare helped Lonesi Dikirani and other women in her village in central Malawi build a mud-brick improved cookstove. She uses it to cook three meals a day and finds that it heats up bathwater much faster than a three-stone fire.

She especially appreciates how much it has cut down on the time she spends collecting firewood. When she was using a three-stone fire, she had to make the two-hour trek to collect firewood several times a week. Now she gets a lot of her firewood from the branches of the mango tree in her garden, and her bundle of firewood lasts a week.
The improved cookstove has given Lonesi more time to spend with her husband and three boys, attend to housework, help out on the farm, and have a chance to socialize with her neighbors and visit her mother in a nearby village. She has been using her efficient cookstove for a year and no longer uses a three-stone fire at all.

Mwandida Josamu


Mwandida Josamu lives with her husband and four children in Katsukunya, a village in central Malawi. The Josamu family grows maize, soya beans, tobacco, and ground nuts on their five-acre farm.

They purchase a ton of firewood during the harvest season when they have cash. Since Total LandCare and C-Quest helped Mwandida build an efficient “TLC rocket stove” out of mud bricks; that ton meets the family’s needs for eight months, twice as long as it did when she cooked on an open fire. 

During the time of year when there is no money to buy fuel, she must walk two kilometers into the forest to chop wood. Collecting a bundle of firewood takes her about two-and-a-half hours.

She has noticed that, in the past few years, she must walk farther and farther to collect firewood. Fortunately, now that she is using an improved cookstove, the bundles she collects last longer, and she is away from the village much less. She has more time to do her domestic chores, spend time with her children, visit with friends, and sing gospel.