Lonesi Dikirani


In 2012, CQC and its partner Total LandCare helped Lonesi Dikirani and other women in her village in central Malawi build a mud-brick improved cookstove. She uses it to cook three meals a day and finds that it heats up bathwater much faster than a three-stone fire.

She especially appreciates how much it has cut down on the time she spends collecting firewood. When she was using a three-stone fire, she had to make the two-hour trek to collect firewood several times a week. Now she gets a lot of her firewood from the branches of the mango tree in her garden, and her bundle of firewood lasts a week.
The improved cookstove has given Lonesi more time to spend with her husband and three boys, attend to housework, help out on the farm, and have a chance to socialize with her neighbors and visit her mother in a nearby village. She has been using her efficient cookstove for a year and no longer uses a three-stone fire at all.