Mrs. Timalize Nkhoma

Mtambula Village, Zambia

Mrs. Timalize Nkhoma, born in 1931, is one of many who has benefitted from the improved cooking stoves project in Zambia via the C-Quest and COMACO partnership. Mrs. Nkhoma says that her stove, constructed in 2014, has given her back her life. She says she is able to collect firewood for fuel nearby her house rather than having to travel long distances to collected large logs for fuel. Cooking is easy and  fast on her improved stove as compared to the open fire she was using before. In addition, there is less smoke when cooking and the stove is easy to maintain.

Mrs. Nkhoma encourages other women in the country to implement the use of an improved cookstove and greatly appreciates that C-Quest Capital CEO Ken Newcombe and the opportunity came to her home. She hopes "the project will expand even to the less privileged households in Zambia so that their lives can be restored" just as hers has been.