We specialize in tailor-making for our client’s climate change mitigation projects in the developing countries that transform the lives of the poor through diverse social, environmental and health benefits at the local level. These unique projects bear the Transformation Carbon brand distinguishing them from pure carbon credit programs where the cost of carbon is the primary consideration of the carbon buyer, public or private.

To offer the Transformation Carbon brand, CQC has systematically developed and is testing business concepts and market frameworks for the quantification, verification and monetization of co-benefits of development projects aimed primarily to serve a carbon emissions reduction obligation of the buyer or investor.

Hence the partnership between the Gold Standard and CQC in developing the health outcomes methodology with the verifiable performance metric os numbers of Averted Disability Adjusted Life Years (ADALYs), and ongoing work with The Gold Standard and the Verified carbon Standard’s Climate Community and Biodiversity Association standard on Gender benefits verification and quantification.

CQC’s Transformation Carbon program offers opportunities to invest in projects that dramatically improve the lives of families in poor communities around the world through the use of innovative financial structures and new co-benefit market creation to mobilize new and additional resources for cleaner energy systems and more sustainable livelihoods.


Examples of attributes we can create and verify alongside carbon emissions reductions projects under the Transformation Carbon brand include:

  • Quantification of time saved from drudgery by women and girls collecting firewood.
  • Verification of the use of saved time in preferred activities by women and children, such as schooling, attending health clinics, and developing small-enterprises.
  • Improved health outcomes of families measured as Averted Disability Adjusted Life Years (ADALYs) and lives saved. 
  • Restoration forestry and small-scale woodlots and tree planting to restore biodiverse, culturally significant forest reserves alongside our clean cooking interventions.

The Transformation Carbon Program uses any or all of the four main CQC operational platforms, all of which have economic, social and developmental benefits for individuals, communities, investors, partners, and the environment.